EELS 3d a Multiplayer Projection Mapping Game Controlled by Your Phone.

Mot of the time when you see projection mapping projects they are the large scale advertising events that take over the facade of a building. This however shows off a unique approach to what you do with projection mapping and smartphones.

One of B-Reel’s research projects has developed into a full fledged multi player game that uses your smartphone as a controller and allows people to play over multiple surfaces of a sculptural object. Using any smartphone the HTML5 based controller lets you guide your “Eel”, around all sides of the installation competing against a host of other players at the same time.

Magnum Advergame.

Magnum has launched it’s latest global campaign with an advergame entitled the “Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet” which has been built to launch Magnum’s Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream. The overall theme is similar to the Lynx Party Across The Internet campaign, but this is much more Advergame, than the Lynx experience was.

This video doesn’t exist

Lowe Brindfors teamed up with B-Reel to create the advergame which takes you through about 20 well known websites as you chase Bon Bons, the special ingredient in the Magnum Temptation Hazelnut ice-cream. The objective of the game is to capture all 100 Bon Bons as you play through the Magnum Pleasure Hunt Across The Internet.  The game is not easy, but getting all 100 can be done. What I really like about this is the level of production that went into the final game. Great green screen footage, and editing, the interaction with the other websites, and the hooks to social networking sites like Facebook.

The game takes about 5 minutes to play all the way through, which might lose some traffic on the site. % minutes in the web world can seem like an infinity, no matter how well the concept was executed.