Wasara Paper Goods. Elegant Green Design.

A few months ago, my friend Regina gave me a set of Wasara paper coffee cups as part of a birthday gift. I hate to say it but I have never used them. As a matter of fact, I put them in the cupboard and forgot they were there until today when I was looking for something else and found them. The fact that I haven’t used them, is a shame, because they were designed to be used now, in the present moment, and unlike traditional cups and other dinnerwares, they are disposable and their purpose is temporary.

Wasara believes that the experience of an object is determined by the form, texture, the way something fits in your hand, the ease of use, the way an object makes you smile. They also believe that this kind of experience shouldn’t be relegated to expensive dinnerware and can be applied to something as simple as a paper plate.

The plates, cups and bowls, have a sensuous organic feel to them. They are not only pleasant to look at but the feel great in your hand. Rigid and light, they don’t feel like traditional paper plates, there is a specific sense of elegance to the simple shapes and forms that heightens the experience of using them. Wasara uses a Japanese design principle known as “Shakkei”, which aims to integrate the landscape as seen through a window, and transformed into part of the interior. This represents the spirit of living in harmony with nature.

The underlying spirit of Wasara products is the legacy of aesthetic values that stems from Japan’s time-honored traditions of craft and skill in design and manufacturing. In addition Wasara feels it is important to create objects in an Earth conscious way, so as to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Because of this all Wasara products are produced with 100% renewable tree-free materials, using bamboo, and bagasse (a by-product of the sugar cane industry). By replacing wood pulp with these rapidly renewable non wood materials, Wasara is creating a well designed green product.