Barack Obama

One Dollar Man.

I don’t care what your political views are. I just don’t, and this post while featuring an image of President Barack Obama is not a political one. It is however a little bit of Monday morning inspiration. This illustration executed by Design Cartel, is a fantastic example of how to turn money into art. There are no details on how the piece was made. I’m going to assume it is a bit of cut and paste combined with some masterful Photoshop skills. No matter how it was done, be inspired by the results.

The National Debt. An Infographic.

I’m not much of a political guy. I try not to post about politics here, and really hate discussing them with people. It just seems that folks that are really into politics are  radical zealots about what they believe. When it comes to moderation, and seeing the other persons point of view about political issues people just seem blind.

With that said, one thing is certain. You can’t argue with numbers. The infographic below shows the cold hard numbers about America’s current debt crisis. I don’t care if Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary, at least under his plan we would have had a surplus by now.