Puuur Grill Excitement.

Every now and then you are looking for something on the internet, and you come across something you want and can’t have. This happened to me today when I was looking for a stylish grill to put on the back deck. (no I never got the Eva Solo grill). While looking for a cool modern grill with a smaller footprint, I came across “Puuur”, from the Dutch company Barbecook. This thing looks great and is just a simple charcoal grill. Not to much, just a grill that looks great, and doesn’t take up to much room.

The grill is made from heavy gauge steel, with a collapsible polished stainless steel top (the reflector). It features a quickstart system for easy lighting and uses a manual flu dampening system to control the heat being produced.The reflector works as a radiant heat source, and ventilation system. The mirrored reflector ensures that your food cooks on top while being grilled from beneath, and it allows all fumes to escape and vent away from your food as it cooks guaranteeing the healthiest grilling results possible.

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Puuur comes in three standard colors, Arctic white, Pacific blue, or Vulcanic gray, but can be ordered in a variety of custom colors from the online configurator. Unfortunately I couldn’t find this model for sale in the United States, so I guess I am going to have to travel to Europe if I want to buy one. I know, I know, what a drag, right?