Bathroom Fixtures

Tile Shopping

One of the things about our bath remodel that needs to be addressed is the tile for the wall. Originally we were going to go with Heath Ceramic tile, but it looks like we might have to pass on that due to cost, and the time it will actually get the tile we want. What we are looking at is on back order, so today we are tile shopping locally to see if we can find something that looks as good as the Heath tiles do.

So after two hours at the tile warehouse in Merriam, and having looked through about 500 sample of various tiles, we narrowed it down to a specific look and pulled the trigger. Semi-gloss white subway tile that will rise 48 inches, to a band of warm gray glass tile with a 4 inch insert of rectilinear glass tile, followed by more gray glass, then semi-gloss subway tile.

The pattern, and combination of materials work well together. A series of warm muted tones combined with the semi-gloss white. The opaque vs the transparent of the glass. The tile will surround the entire shower enclosure running across three walls, floor to ceiling. On the wall that extends behind the vanity, the longest wall in the room, the tile will run the full width of the bathroom filling in behind the vanity and mirror.

The only thing left to purchase is the mirror, medicine cabinet and lighting. We have a number of items on the short list, so the next step will be drawing up a perspective rendering of the bathroom and trying on the remaining fixtures virtually before pulling the trigger. Right now, it looks like the remodel will start at the end of March, and take about two weeks. Should be a fun spring.


Zazzeri Quadro.

Before we moved from our home a year ago, we did a full bath remodel on the master bathroom. One of the things we did was pull the tub and replace it with a shower basin, glass wall divide, and an amazing Hansgrohe shower column and hand shower. I loved the way our shower looked but I really loved the hand shower.

One of the many projects in the new house are to upgrade the bathrooms and replace the standard fixtures with higher end stuff. I am always on the look out for well designed hardware, and today I came across a new line from Italian manufacturer Zazzeri.

Zazzeri has introduced a new line of fixtures for the modern bath. The Round and Quadro shower columns both of which are set to be released next month at Cersaie 2010 in Bologna, Italy.

I love the attention to detail in the temperature adjustments, and control valves on the fixtures. The clean minimalist lines, the choice of materials, and the inclusion of an overhead fixture as well as a wand. These modern shower fixtures smartly position the water pressure and temperature controls in a sleek, streamlined column, complemented by a coordinating hand shower and both finished in elegant polished chrome or satin nickel.

Contemporary Bath Fixtures from Adesso

As spring approaches I have begun looking into a small bathroom update at the house. All I am doing is replacing the shower surround, and tub, and the shower fixtures. As I started looking at fixtures by Lacava, which is still at the top of my list, I came across the new Adesso product line which is what I have for a faucet at my kitchen sink. So after a bit of research, here is a post about this elegant line of fixtures which is now number 2 on my list.

From the smooth curves of Rana to the intrepid lines of Anggolo, Adesso manages to transform everyday bath fixtures into something more transcendant. Adeso has found an equilibrium between design and architecture evolving a simple bathroom faucet into a work of art. Encapsulating  bold accents, and distinctive lines, each piece is painstakingly crafted to bring a piece of Italian style to your home.

Choosing not to follow typical European design trend for creating unique design at the expense of functionality, Adesso incorporates the best of both worlds. The recently expanded range shows clever designs and simple functionality for everyday home use.

Adesso’s new line consist of 5 product ranges — Mila, Angolo, Cielo, Rana, and Lucerne — Adesso’s impressive design pedigre is most notable with Mila. Named after and designed by recognized Catalan designer Miguel Mila, the range offers simplistic style for a unique statement in any bathroom. Subtle and chic, Mila’s soft yet defined lines are captivating and seductive creating an aesthetic appeal that is so representative of Italian design.

Rana and Cielo are the smallest of the Adesso lines. Rana is a dedicated bath faucet, and Cielo fulfills the shower components. Both are aesthetically pleasing through stunning looks and minimalist design, the Rana faucet displays a unique look in more ways than one. While the smooth curves and elegant form of Rana are fitting for any contemporary bath, it is the soft smooth sheet of water it produces that creates a stunning visual appeal for the fixture.

The versatility of Cielo shower components integrate into any contemporary bathroom with square shower heads, and a range of shower arms. Cielo offers a mix of fluid lines and sharp angles with a balance of elegance and modern style. The square shower head incorporates modern design trends with a slim line aerator that delivers a smooth stream of water delivered through 145 outlets.

Through striking appearance and distinctive design, the Angolo product line is a range evoking power. Despite its minimalist character, each edge has been sculpted to create a bold statement. The Angolo line expands beyond bathroom fixture with kitchen faucets designed to match and compliment the rest of the line for your home.

The Lucerne range is made up of 2 bold handled faucets featuring angular forms, one set is hard the other soft. The smooth spout of the angled faucet offers a sheet flow water effect  to your basin that looks like a plane of glass rolling from the metal opening downward in a perfect arc.

The line is available online and through most fixture suppliers that carry high-end fixture.