Bathroom remodel

Spending my Money on Good Design.

A couple of days ago we got the final bids on the bath remodel, and this time it looks like we will really begin the bath overhaul. Seriously, all the parts and pieces are in and our contractor is ready to go as soon as we sign off.

One item that I want to replace but hadn’t found something I like yet was towel holders. This morning though, that changed. Actually I found a whole bunch of stuff that I want to buy, but is going to have to wait until we remodel bath number two. Anyway, what I found is the TP-H1 toilet paper + towel holder + shelf from DNA +. I’m not so much interested in using this as a toilet paper holder, but simply as a towel holder with a hook for something like a robe.

I love the minimalist look, the simple angular shape, and how the main structure of the shelf/holder is made from a white composite material in a single fluid piece.  The design function is equal to the overall form, and materials. Such an overall simple shape, but so interesting at the same time.

At $480.00 it isn’t cheap, but what I’ve found out is nothing for a bathroom remodel ever is.

Tile Shopping

One of the things about our bath remodel that needs to be addressed is the tile for the wall. Originally we were going to go with Heath Ceramic tile, but it looks like we might have to pass on that due to cost, and the time it will actually get the tile we want. What we are looking at is on back order, so today we are tile shopping locally to see if we can find something that looks as good as the Heath tiles do.

So after two hours at the tile warehouse in Merriam, and having looked through about 500 sample of various tiles, we narrowed it down to a specific look and pulled the trigger. Semi-gloss white subway tile that will rise 48 inches, to a band of warm gray glass tile with a 4 inch insert of rectilinear glass tile, followed by more gray glass, then semi-gloss subway tile.

The pattern, and combination of materials work well together. A series of warm muted tones combined with the semi-gloss white. The opaque vs the transparent of the glass. The tile will surround the entire shower enclosure running across three walls, floor to ceiling. On the wall that extends behind the vanity, the longest wall in the room, the tile will run the full width of the bathroom filling in behind the vanity and mirror.

The only thing left to purchase is the mirror, medicine cabinet and lighting. We have a number of items on the short list, so the next step will be drawing up a perspective rendering of the bathroom and trying on the remaining fixtures virtually before pulling the trigger. Right now, it looks like the remodel will start at the end of March, and take about two weeks. Should be a fun spring.

Glow In the Dark Tiles From Lucedentro.

While I was actually looking for bath fixtures to upgrade the shower surround, tub, and hardware last night, I stumbled on this. It made me say WOW!

Italian company Lucedentro, has introduced a new series of Photoluminescence tiles. This product can be used in a variety of applications, and has a rapid charge time with an extended after glow. Approximately 40 seconds for a full charge in direct sunlight, and 1 to 30 minutes in UV and white balanced indoor lighting. Afterglow time is rated to more than 20 hours according to the company.

The tiles themselves are compatible with transparent and semi transparent binders, making them ideal for bathrooms, and kitchen tile areas. The Photoluminescence material can be incorporated into the production of various materials such as glass, ceramic, plastic and wax, so your home can literally glow in the dark. The mosaic tiles are available in a variety of shapes sizes and colors, they look great and the material used to create the Photoluminescence is non-toxic rendering them 100 percent safe.

Be sure and check out the other Photoluminescence Lucedentro has to offer on their website.