Bathroom sinks

Behold the iToilet.

Apple has a funny way of subtly influencing the industrial design world with the products it releases. I doubt the intention of the designer of the Monolith toilet for Geberit was to create the iToilet, but like it or not, this really does look like an iPhone 4. That black glass slab, banded in brushed aluminum while not a direct knock off, definitely bares a stricking resemblance to John Ive’s masterpiece from Cupertino. If it had an illuminated touch screen face, it really would be the iToilet. I wonder if Steve Jobs has one of these in his house?

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Thomas and Nillson, Functional Design Meets Sculpture

As the year winds down, I started putting together a list of things I want to accomplish next year in terms of home improvements. This is everything from fixing minor cracks and touch-up painting, to possible  major undertakings like finishing the basement. One thing that is on the list though, is landscaping, and today when I was searching the internet for ideas, I found the Thomas and Nillson Birdbath. The funny thing is I had actually looked at products from this company 4 years ago when I started thinking about a bath remodel in the old house. They make the most amazing sinks. Anyway, back to the birdbath.

I love the simple sculptural lines that create the overall shape of the object. A gently curving stone slab that intersects with a stainless steel parabolic arc which makes up the bath component. The two pieces create an understated and elegant object that not only functions as a birdbath, but could be viewed with a  dual purpose. That of an actual sculptural element for the yard.

As I dug around more on the site, I also found some wonderful benches. All made from cast concrete or stone, combined with Baltic birch hardwood.

The elegant thoms and nilsson birdbath

thomas and nillson benches, in stone and cherry

perspective XL bench

the amazing slab sink