If I only had a fireplace, I could fiddle while Rome burned.

firescreenbbm 1I don’t have a fireplace. I wish I did. I loved the fireplace in the old house. Unfortunately it would take some major construction to add one to the new house, and we are talking about seriously altering the look of the living room if we add one in.

These fireplace screens are amazing and if I did have a fireplace I would probably get one. This is such a clever idea and the list of cities that could be used is endless since almost every major metropolis burned to the ground at one point in its ancient past. Shown here are the great fire of London (1666) and the fire the Nero watched as Rome burned (DCCCVXI). Now we could add to this list Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle just to name a few. The screens are made by BBM and constructed from laser cut Core 10 Steel and look quite heavy duty. If you are a pyromaniac you will probably get an extra thrill from these.