“Book of Legends” Stop Motion Done Right from Second Home Studios.

Anyone who knows me, knows my pet peeves when it comes to stop motion animation. Stop motion doesn’t have to look herky jerky, old-timey, jittery. It doesn’t need fake gate weave, frame jitter, scratches, dust, vignetting, and stutter.

Case in point, this beautiful animated short for  Pilsner Urquell by Second Home Studios. The clip while obviously stop motion, has a fluid frame rate, camera movements, and flow. They didn’t junk it up with a bunch of superfluous post effects that detract from the extremely well produced visuals and the storyline.

Update: I added the behind the scenes making of video to this post.

Directed by: Chris Randall
Produced by: Chris Randall and Jim Turner

Original design/sculpture created by: Su Blackwell
Lead Modeller: Sarra Hornby
Modelmakers: Ian Whittle, Karen Richards,
Paul Doran, Natalie Bancroft, Adam Watts,
Tristan Pritchard, Jon Reynolds.

Lead Animators: Ian Whittle, Jud Walton.
Animation: Natalie Bancroft, Adam Watts,
Tristan Pritchard, Sarra Hornby, Jon Reynolds,
Chris Randall.
Motion Control Operator: Matt Cusworth
Studio Lighting/Rigging: Luke Unsworth

Post-Production: Adam Fenwick, Craig Reeves
Sound Design: Jim Turner
Voice Artist: Richard Armitage
CGI Pre-Visualisation: Character Shop

Assistant Animators/Modellers: Lauren Newman,
Lianne Allen, Scott Willets.
Runner: Liam Smyth

Boulevard Beer Finder, by Kansas City’s Own RareWire.

iconHere is a hat tip to two Kansas City local businesses. Hat tip one to Boulevard Brewing, which makes some very tasty adult beverages. Hat tip two to RareWire, a local mobile application developer that just finished the Boulevard Beer Finder app for iOS. Rarewire has done a fantastic job creating an application that looks great, and is easy to use.

The application really does have a great look and feel to it. The artwork and user interface really capture the Boulevard brand and the application provides gallons of information. Important things like, where to find Boulevard Beer, what the seasonal beer is, tasting and pairing notes, links to important beer sharing sites like untappd, and hooks to social media so you can share with your friends what you are drinking.


Congratulations to RareWire for a job well done, and congratulations to Boulevard Brewing for all those tasty beverages you make.


“Crack the Case”. Heineken and James Bond’s “Skyfall”.

With the launch of the new James Bond movie “Skyfall” right around the corner, Heineken has launched an interactive social media campaign on Facebook. The social ad features a very high production commercial staring Daniel Craig, and involves an elaborate train ride through a snow filled European countryside.

The commercial is directly tied to an interactive game on Facebook that encourages participants to search for clues involving a mysterious briefcase, a bond girl, and nasty villeins. In typical fashion, the Facebook ad will ask to access your profile information, and probably flood your wall and timeline with all sorts of plugs for the beer and the movie.

Developed by Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam, and shot at Shepperton Studios in the UK, the campaign includes references hardcore Bond fans will love including replica Bond film props used through the 60 second spot. The interactive component of the campaign, includes things like the Spectre ring from “Dr. No,” the Zorin industries and Spectre logos and the Faberge Egg used in “Octopussy” and many more items.

Oh, and in case you are wondering. The song featured in the spot is “Man Like That” by New Zealand singer-songwriter Gin Wigmore. You can get the song right here on Amazon.

“Hey, Pass Me A Beer!” or Tossing Old Milwaukee on YouTube.

On June 8th MrMathewVEVO published a video to YouTube titled “Pass Me A Beer” featuring two guys in khaki’s tossing Old Milwaukee beers to each other in various ways. Over the last couple of weeks the thing has gone viral with over a million views.

If you ever wonder just how many takes it takes to get enough footage to pull this off, watch the second video with out takes from the finished piece. If you just want to watch a couple of guys creatively pass beers to each other, just watch the first one.

I’m not sure if this was sanctioned or commissioned by Old Milwaukee, but it should have been.