“All the Things” You Need For Wednesday

It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon, and I’m creatively spent. My brain has been drained by a fast paced time-consuming project that has left me mentally spent. So I set out to find some creative inspiration, and refuel for the second half of the week. While cruising around on Vimeo I came across the video below and a link the project breakdown on Behance.

All the Things from Chris Guyot is a wonderful animated short filled with oversaturated colors, fluid animations, great sound design, and absolutely no real story. I love it. 8 short vignettes in a minute and a half that left  me with a smile on my face and the desire to create something just as fun.

“All The Things” is a collection of individual narratives, unified by a cohesive style.

Our intention was to work on a short, simple piece. As many of you know, sometimes personal projects evolve and take on a mind of their own. As the months rolled along, we found ourselves frequently going back and adding more content to each scene. We had a lot of fun allowing our imagination drive the development of the various narrative.

Full project breakdown and BTS here:


The View From Inside. The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Over at Behance there is a print campaign for the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra featuring art direction and photography from Bjoern Ewers. The exquisite images are from the inside of the instruments used by the orchestra, and they are absolutely outstanding. Many of them feel like the interior of an orchestra hall, rendered with beautiful light and tonalities.

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Prosite, The Perfect Portfolio Site for Design Pros.

For those of you that are members of the Behance network, you might be interested in “Prosite“. Prosite is a payed service from Behance that lets you quickly and easily build a portfolio site under your own domain. Prosite gives you a couple of options, one where you pick projects that you have already loaded to your Behance account, or the option of loading completely new ones. If you are pressed for time, completely lazy, or just don’t feel like going through the hassle of building your own portfolio site from scratch, this could be for you. An added plus is your connection to the Behance network which would help direct eyeballs to your portfolio, which means more green in your wallet.

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