With yesterday marking the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, I wanted to post images from illustrator Tom Clohosy Cole‘s book “WALL”. The illustrated book tells the story of  a family torn apart when their father was stranded in the West following the division of the city in 1961.

The book is filled with gorgeous illustrations  that help tell the tale of the family’s attempts to reach each other and reunite. The visuals add a beautiful human element to this complex political event that spanned decades.














STANDERT a Coffee Loving Cycling Dream.

Having recently moved to a loft downtown, I am getting acquainted with the new building. One thing I am very aware of is the office/retail space that is currently vacant on the first floor. Since our building sits right next the footbridge that leads to bike trails, I was thinking it would be a perfect space for a bike shop. A friend of mine said it would be the perfect spot for a bike shop/coffee shop, and I can’t agree more. This got me to thinking about what that would look like, which led to me searching the web for similar spaces. What did I find? I found plenty, but one that stood out was Standert in Berlin.

This small footprint shop is located at Invalidenstraße 157 · 10115 Berlin. The small shop features full service bike service, sales, repairs, and equipment, plus a full service coffee and other tasty beverages. From the look of the photos, this is the kind of place I could seriously spend some time in. The cafe menu includes the cyclist beer Velosophe, as well as pastries, soups, bagels, homemade popsicles, coffee, tea, and a variety of espresso drinks.

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Christoph Keller’s Stählemühle Aqua Vitae.

When former art publisher Christoph Keller came across Stählemühle, an old out of service mill that had been converted to a schnapps distillery, he took upon the task of bringing it back to life.

The result of his labors is Aqua Vitae fruit brandies produced in small, high-quality batches. The brandies made at Stählemühle have won more than 170 international awards including “Brandy of the Year 2011.”

Stählemühle currently produces around 70 various spirits and liquors made from the most exotic and obscure fruits imaginable. From greengages, damsons, russet apples, to ribes, common medlars, and European mountain ash.Keller is helping to keep these semi-extinct fruits alive and is making sure that Stählemühle is a solid example of how a sustainable and organic operation can be achieved on a small farm with only a small amount of land, a lot of know-how and the work of four hands.

If you happen to be in Berlin on April 20th, for 100 Euro you can attend a special tasting event sponsored by Gestalten. If I were there I’d make sure I was going. (If I were lucky enough to be one of the 25 it is limited to that is)

Animae Dementia

Street Artists Ro and l’Homme Pendu have been creating a series of paper paste up monsters in Berlin and Paris over the last few months. The works entitled Animae Dementia (roughly “soul madness” or “animal madness”, feature giant mythical creatures that appear in the photos to be preparing to devour their creators as they are being constructed. The images are great, and the photos from the website are pretty impressive, showing not only how they are made, but the scale of many of the final pieces.

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The Amnesty International iAd Gets it Right.

OK I should have included this with the last post.

TBWA, Berlin got it right. This series of Ads for Amnesty International, Does much the same thing as the Anti Fur ad for Datum, but if you watch the video below, you see one thing that makes this iAd work. There is a direct call to action after the third or fourth attempt to move to the next page. You get a pop-up with Amnesty’s logo and a link to the Amnesty International website, and there is a direct call to action about taking action against torture in prisons. Two ads will appear in the tablet-edition of “Die Welt” one of the leading German daily newspapers published by Axel Springer Verlag starting this month.

“The ads use the gesture technology of the iPad, they make it clear that daily human rights violations can’t be simply wiped away, “says Kurt Georg Dieckert, Executive Creative Director and Managing Director of TBWA\Berlin. “With one simple click users can directly support Amnesty International Germany.”

Agency: TBWA, Berlin, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Kurt Georg Dieckert, Stefan Schmidt
Creative Direction: Dirk Henkelmann, Philip Borchardt, Frederik Frede
Account Management: Maike Schröder, Christoph Erdmann
Design: Chehad Abdallah
Programming/Prototyp: Kay Siegert
Technical Concept/Direction: Torsten Bergler

It’s an 8-Bit World.

The Vancouver and Berlin based design group eBoy creates 8 Bit images for a heavy hitter client list that includes companies like, Adidas, Coca Cola, Pepsi, Paul Smith, DKNY, Kidrobot, MTV, The New York Times, Wired Magazine and many others.

The idea driving eBoy’s creative approach was the embracement of the new possibilities of the emerging digital world. Their decision to directly work on and for the screen led to the simplified use of pixels, which resulted in a very retro 8-Bit style. From that a modular based work system started to evolve and resulted in some very complex object rich artwork.

eBoy’s latest work is designed cityscape wall murals of London, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Berlin, New York, Paris and Tokyo for Wallpaper Republic. Also available are their pixellated people in a wallpaper named “Peecol” and some graphic pixellated repeat pattern designs. Not for those who favor subtlety.

The wallpaper that can be purchased from their online store here.

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Mentalgassi Made You Look.

A friend of mine sent me these images tonight. They are by Berlin based street artist mentalgassi. While this is a simple optical illusion the effect is really nice. A simple black and white photo cut into strips and pasted to the vertical risers in a fence. I love it. If you get chance go to the site linked above and check out the rest of the work. Great visual plays on everyday objects.