Mountain Riders Keep it Clean.

Keeping with my posts about bikes, and cycling over the last few days I thought I would share this print ad from Paris based Publicis Conceil. The piece is for Mountain Riders. The illustration is nice little infographic about pollution on mountain trails, rendered in a way that would appeal to any mountain biker. The silhouette of each category looks like a trail profile, but is actually a graph that shows pollution increases from 1935 forward. I love the color pallet, and the three dimensional quality of the chart. Clean yet very effective for a public service announcement.

Creme Cycles

I’m a little late to the party on National Bike Month, but like they say “Better late than never”.  Yesterday I posted a little thing about “Bikes By Me” and today I want to extend that with a post about the way cool bikes from Creme Cycles.

These bikes look so amazing, and the range of products is fantastic with everything from fixed gear performance bikes to retro styled cruisers. Three of my favorites that Creme makes are Vinyl, the fixed gear minimalist racer, HolyMoly the European styled street bike that looks like it just rolled off the streets of Amsterdam, and Glider, a retro styled beach cruiser.

Vinyl features a high performance cromoly frame with lost wax dropouts and lugs. The frame is built using double butted Tange tube, sand is equipped with a San Marco Rolls leather saddle, polished high profile rims, sealed bearing Novatec hubs and forged cranks. Vinyl also features Dia Compe stainless steel cable guides that you can mount when using brakes, but will leave the frame completely clean when the bike is built brakeless.

Holymoly’s design is influenced by classic Dutch bikes, with a lugged frame and great care to details giving this bike a decisive retro feel. The bike has a completely upright position, that gives you an excellent field of vision and unobstructed view of the road and your surroundings.

Glider is a comfortable, bike that like a clean rugged look. This is a bike for people who use a bike for casual riding on a bike path or around the neighborhood. The bike has no fenders which means it is easy to transport in a car and easier to carry up and down stairs. Glider is available as a single speed or 3 speed.

Diesel & Pinarello Collaborate to Create a Bicycle.

Lately it seems like the big trend with fashion companies as of late, is to design a bike in association with a world-renowned bicycle manufacturer. Over the last twelve months I have seen it from Puma to (now) Diesel.  While a number of the companies fashion producing the bikes are sports oriented, a number haven’t been and this bike from Diesel is an example of that.

Diesel is amongst the latest purveyor of couture to hook up with a very respected bike builder to create a custom rides. Diesel working  with the Italian bicycle  maker Pinarello, have created two single gear offerings.The bike come in two color schemes. Tonal black or black with lime green accents. Thankfully Diesel has applied their branding in a fairly subtle way, by simply adding their logo to head tube above the front forks. The bikes will be available at both Diesel and Pinarello retailers in the next few months. If this bike costs anything like Diesel jeans, I think I’d buy this Pinarello instead.

Woodgrain Your Bike.

Over the last couple of years I have seen a number of bikes that are made from wood, or bamboo. The frames look great, but I just kept wondering about weight and durability issues you might run into. I love the look, but like the idea of a modern bike frame made from lightweight metal or even carbon fiber.

Rob’s Woodgrain Bikes, solves my problem by creating a bike that looks like it’s made of wood but isn’t.

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The way the process works is simple. You send Rob your frame, and he hand paints it to look like it is made from wood. You get a gorgeous looking bike, and one that is made from modern structurally sound materials. The process takes about a week depending on Rob’s back log of bikes to paint, and will set you back a cool $1500.00.

If you don’t have a frame to send in, you can buy one from Rob. The Allen frame is a lugged steel track frame and fork. Constructed from double-butted 4130 Cro-Mo steel, it features cast long-point lugs and dropouts. The Allen frames are made exclusively for Alien Bikes, and come in 2cm increments from 53cm to 61cm. Allen features super-tight track geometry for the ultimate in handling and feel. A 53 frame weighs 1900g, fork 740g.

Peter Dudas, Hybrid City Bicycle.

If I could get a bike like this, I would ride to work every day. This concept is just stunning. Italian Designer Peter Dudas, has come up with a minimalist elegant bicycle concept, the “Hybrid City”.

Made from carbon fiber, aluminum, and nivachrom, the bike has a low weight threshold while achieving maximum durability. The design is a minimalistic play on a typical city commuter bicycle. The lines of the bike are simple and dynamic while the overall design is an exotic concept that looks fast even while standing still. The shape is an extreme, going against the grain of classic bike iconography.

Dudas Hybrid City bike removes the chain, and replaces it with a direct transmission with a gears hidden in the frame for a clean, sporty design. The wheels are hub-less and connected to to the transmission with a system of gear wheels. All the cables for the breaks and shifter are hidden in the frame to streamline the look further. The saddle and handlebar assembly are made from aluminum, and coated with carbon fiber.

According to Dudas, “The model is considered a premium city bike for commuting and inner city touring. The design provides a platform for an extensive rider base, while maintaining extreme styling and innovation.”