“BC Moments”. A 14 Foot Bike Dispensing Vending Machine.

This giant vending machine promotion from Tourism British Columbia is absolutely wonderful. Currently located in the Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco, the vending machine encourages passersby to interact with the touch screen surfaces to win prizes related  tourism in British Columbia. The machine dispenses everything from mountain bikes, to kayaks, to picnic blankets. The 14 foot tall machine is part of the BC Moments campaign and will be moving to other large metropolises over the summer.

Magnetic bike by Copenhagen Parts.

A little over a week ago my friend Markus showed me the new Civia bike he purchased for his daily commute to work. The thing is a beauty, and I have to admit that I’m a little jealous. The thing is since I have been suffering from reoccurring mild episodes of vertigo, I doubt I’ll be biking anywhere for awhile. The point of all of this is, that while perusing bike websites for that day that I can ride without falling over, I came across Magnetic Bike Lights from Copenhagen Parts.

What a great idea. No drilling, bolting, or ugly hardware to attach the light to your bike. The magnetic lights are designed to fit on any tubular steel frame. (Sorry carbon fiber, titanium, or aluminum  frame owners, your non-ferrous metal frames won’t work.) The lights turn on automatically when attached, and turn off when removed from the frame.

The lights use a battery driven LED which is mounted behind a lens that is designed to illuminate from the sides as well as straight ahead. This helps increase visibility to other bicyclist and motor vehicles you’ll be sharing the road with.

The lights are expected to be released this fall, and you can pre-order them here

Inverted Bike Shop, for 718 Cyclery by Show Love.

Show Love is a Social Content, Strategy, & Next Generation PR  company that has produced a number of videos for their clients to help extend brand presence. Thie latest release is “Inverted Bike Shop” for 718 Cyclery in Brooklyn New York.

This is a great example of how the back story behind a company can be a very powerful connecting force. This simple video documents the passion of the owner, his connection to his clients, and shows the very human side of his business. This is the kind of thing that is very hard to get from a website, a social network, direct mail, etc. By letting the owner of 718 Cyclery tell his story, in a short five minute film, Show Love has captured and presented something real, and captivating.This is the kind of thing that has real linger time. It gets you interested, and pulls you in for more. It works.

Do yourself a favor, and go to Show Love’s vimeo channel and check out the rest of the films they have produced. I think you’ll be impressed.


Art of the Chopper at Union Station, Kansas City

This afternoon I spent a couple of hours at Union Station in the Cross Roads district of Kansas City, checking out the “Art of the Chopper” motorcycle show that is going on there for the next month. I made two mistakes; first I forgot to grab my DSLR, and second I didn’t spend enough time going through the show.I say that because these really are works of art that need to be examined and scrutinized for their detail and craftsmanship. Below is a pretty weak slide show of images I snapped on my iPhone. I call it weak, because the iPhone has some difficulty focusing, on extremely shiny, well lit objects. Some of the images have weird focus points, or are slightly out of focus all together.

So what’s a guy to do? I’ll tell you what. I am going to go back to the show, loaded for bear and get some better images. Images that I will upload to this post and replace the current slide show with.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Mountain Riders Keep it Clean.

Keeping with my posts about bikes, and cycling over the last few days I thought I would share this print ad from Paris based Publicis Conceil. The piece is for Mountain Riders. The illustration is nice little infographic about pollution on mountain trails, rendered in a way that would appeal to any mountain biker. The silhouette of each category looks like a trail profile, but is actually a graph that shows pollution increases from 1935 forward. I love the color pallet, and the three dimensional quality of the chart. Clean yet very effective for a public service announcement.

Creme Cycles

I’m a little late to the party on National Bike Month, but like they say “Better late than never”.  Yesterday I posted a little thing about “Bikes By Me” and today I want to extend that with a post about the way cool bikes from Creme Cycles.

These bikes look so amazing, and the range of products is fantastic with everything from fixed gear performance bikes to retro styled cruisers. Three of my favorites that Creme makes are Vinyl, the fixed gear minimalist racer, HolyMoly the European styled street bike that looks like it just rolled off the streets of Amsterdam, and Glider, a retro styled beach cruiser.

Vinyl features a high performance cromoly frame with lost wax dropouts and lugs. The frame is built using double butted Tange tube, sand is equipped with a San Marco Rolls leather saddle, polished high profile rims, sealed bearing Novatec hubs and forged cranks. Vinyl also features Dia Compe stainless steel cable guides that you can mount when using brakes, but will leave the frame completely clean when the bike is built brakeless.

Holymoly’s design is influenced by classic Dutch bikes, with a lugged frame and great care to details giving this bike a decisive retro feel. The bike has a completely upright position, that gives you an excellent field of vision and unobstructed view of the road and your surroundings.

Glider is a comfortable, bike that like a clean rugged look. This is a bike for people who use a bike for casual riding on a bike path or around the neighborhood. The bike has no fenders which means it is easy to transport in a car and easier to carry up and down stairs. Glider is available as a single speed or 3 speed.

Bikes By Me.

May is national bike month so I thought I would post some bike things. Well one bike thing now, and maybe another bike thing later. I came across the Swedish Bikes By Me website, and fell in love with these amazing fixed gear bikes. Europeans bike a hell of a lot more than urbanites in the USA and it’s a shame; but because bike culture is more established in places like Sweden we get bikes like these.

Bikes By Me are fully customizable fixed gear bikes where almost every surface can be given a different color. The possibilities are endless, and at 650 Euro, the price for one of these bikes isn’t that bad. Oh and shipping is free anywhere in the world.