McDonalds Reflective Billboard’s.

Simplicity in advertising is something that works well, but isn’t always easily achievable. There are so many factors that play into making messaging overly complex, or watered down to the point that they lose their effective edge. Occasionally you see an example of an ad that hits that sweet spot of simplicity, with clever effect. The reflective billboard created for McDonald’s in the video below is a great example of this. By day, a blank image, by night a message only visible to to a motorist as they pass.

Agency: Cossette Vancouver
Creative Director: Rob Sweetman, Bryan Collins
Art Director: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett
Copywriter: Addie Gillespie, Mia Thomsett
Producer: April Haffenden

Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art

San Diego based agency Vitro has created a new outdoor campaign for Newcastle Brown Ale. The billboard will be on display in the Gaslamp district of San Diego until September 31st, so if you are in the area stop by and check it out.

“The lighter side of dark” billboard was designed by two New York based artists and uses 3000 bottle caps to create the final image. During the day it looks like a random set of piled caps, but at night when illuminated from the side, it becomes a totally different work.

10,000 Live Bees Send an S.O.S. Signal

Yesterday I read on the BBC that ELO founding member Mike Edwards was killed in Devon England when a giant hay bale rolled down a hill and crushed his car. Then today I was surfing around the internet, and came across an article about the first billboard made using live bees to create the image. I started wondering if Mike Edwards was in Devon to see the billboard, which I guess we will never know the answer to. OK enough of that, what I wanted to post about was the billboard. I’ll leave the eulogy to someone else.

World-wide honey bee populations are in severe decline, but beekeepers and scientists are unsure what is causing these losses.

To address this problem the British Plan Bee is working together with the environmental friendly winery Banrock Station to raise awareness about the situation.

Plan Bee created the world’s first billboard with live bees. They used queen-bee pheromones to attract about 100,000 bees from a nearby honey farm to spell out an “SOS” (Save Our Swarm) message on the billboard. Banrock Station is also donating 5 Pounds for every bottle sold.

Clare Griffiths from Banrock Station Wineries told the BBC: “We thought there was no better way to raise awareness of the British bee decline than get the bees to tell their story themselves. We hope the billboard has created a bit of a buzz in Devon and beyond.”