Bottle Opener

A Little Carbon Fiber Leverage Please.

You never know when you are going to need a bottle opener. The thing is though, I’m not much of a Swiss Army knife or church key on my keyring kind of guy. I am however a beer in a bottle after mowing the lawn kind of guy. So what I need is a bottle opener that would say, fit in my wallet.

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Leverage is a credit card sized bottle opener that takes full advantage of the fact that carbon fiber is stronger than steel. This allows Leverage to be an incredibly thin .059mm and weigh in at .3oz. This alone would allow me to keep it in my wallet for those times when you need a bottle opener and don’t want to run back to the kitchen.

This simple, clean, well designed bottle opener is functional, and quite frankly looks like something Batman would use. Batman and probably Burt Rutan as well.