Braun Watches

The Animated Movement of Time.

I’ll admit it, I’m a watch guy. I like the art, craft, design, and engineering that goes into a nice looking time piece. I’ll also say that I am not a watch snob. I’m the guy that appreciates the quality of a Patek Philippe Calatrava, but also appreciates the understated design of Braun watches designed by Dieter Rams. I think the second half of that statement is the heart of it for me. The watches I own, are all fairly simple in the way they look. Nothing to flashy, nothing that shows off to much. All of this leads me to California-based designer Matt Johnston (no relation to me) who also loves watches,, clean design, and author of the website Wrist.


Wrist began as a sideline project to help Johnston improve his illustration skills, and eventually morphed into it’s own world of animated watch graphics collaborating with other designers. Wrist is a website / project featuring animated watch illustrations modeled after some of Johnston’s favorite watches. For Johnston watches are the perfect medium for design since they combine typography, color and movement to create a functional work of art. Wrist posts a new animation bi-weekly and if you are a designer interested in collaborating with Matt, he is looking for talented help with his project.







Braun Re-issues Deiter Rams Designed Watches.

In the mid 1970’s Braun issued a series of watches designed by the legendary Dieter Rams. That same series of watches has recently been re-issued with some minor modifications approved by Dietrich Lubs. The Braun watches were designed by Rams to provide a stylish minimalist solution to telling time, and that design aesthetic still holds up today. The watches feature three muted color systems, clean minimal lines, and solid material choices. That clean and minimal aesthetic is a Rams signature and, plays a major role in the Braun timepiece’s development. For further information on Braun watches and a complete look at the line go here,

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