Adios Oscar Niemeyer. One of the World’s Greats Has Left the Building.

Yesterday the world lost one of it’s great architects. Oscar Niemeyer died at the distinguished age of 104.

Niemeyer was born in Rio de Janeiro, on December 15 1907. A graduate of Escola Nacional de Belas Artes, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design Niemeyer cut his teeth working for his father’s typography house and as a draftsman for local architects in Rio de Janeiro. His style was definitively modern, yet it possessed a sensual quality that softened it against modernisms sometimes cold hard edges. Even past 100 Niemeyer still continued to work and go to his office daily, working on planning new buildings including an auditorium for Brasília. There are quite a few memorials, and obituaries being posted online today, and while I could expound on his genius and talent, I’ll leave that to others. Instead the video below is a 2010 documentary about Niemeyer produced and directed by Sérgio Alexandre Martins Celeste. It’s a full length film, but worth watching if you are into architecture, or design.

The VW Park Assist iAd from Almap.

Demonstrating new technology for the automotive industry without an actual test drive can be challenging. The best advertising in the world can’t give the feeling of a hands on experience, and quite often car/tech advertising fails to translate into people at the dealership.

Almap BBDO from Brazil has managed to possibly bridge this gap with a clever little iPad application for the VW Tiguan. The application or iAd if you prefer was promoted through Auto Esporte magazine, and accurately demonstrates how the parking assist works with the car by allowing you to park the car between your fingers hands free.  I have no idea how successful this ad was at converting to actual sales or even test drives, but it is a nice example of how iAds are becoming more ubiquitous and accepted on iDevices.


The Peugeot 408 Inflating Airbag Ad.

In today’s world, print advertising is competing with more than just broadcast. It now competes with interactive, the web, iPads, iPhones, Android Phones, QR codes, etc. So how do you get your print ad to stand out? Come up with something that is really unique and clever. Something that is going to leave a lasting impression and not be passed over. Something like this really clever print ad for Peugeot promoting the air bags and safety features of their cars.

Designed by Loducca out of São Paulo, Brazil, the full page ad has a simple call to action. Punch the front of the car. When you do, an air bag inflates on the reverse side lifting the page. Turn the page and see the entire ad, with a miniature inflated airbag coming from the steering column.

Creative Director: Guga Ketzer
Art Director: Cassio Moron
Copywriter: Thiago Bocatto
Art Director/Designer: Wagner Fragata

Banner Ads For Sale.

Getting people to engage, and click-through with web-based advertising is a challenge, getting them to engage with advertising for non-profits, and charities can be even more so.

Ogilvy Brazil created a simple yet effective way to raise awareness and engagement for GRAACC  a hospital that offers free treatment for children with cancer. As an NGO, GRAACC relies on donations to keep their doors open and continue to do the life changing work that they do.

Last February Ogilvey convinced major websites to donate media space to GRAACC hosting online banner ads for the hospital that encouraged donations. Instead of relying on simple click-throughs to a donation page, Ogilvey set the banners up to be resold to online users. Individuals, companies and organizations were invited by email to buy a banner. Links embedded in the email directed people to the campaign landing page where individuals could customize any banner ad and pay what ever they wanted in the form of a donation to GRAACC. Major websites displayed the banners for a whole week and all the money was given to GRAACC.

The banners that were produced resulted in over 3,000,000 impressions, and the donations raised increased by 260% from the previous year.

BBDO Brazil for Bayer. Clever Copy Driven Advertising.

I love this series of ads from BBDO Brazil for Bayer Asprin. Clean effective editorial combined with a very simple graphical touch. The headlines say it all summing up the source of the pain. The graphic quickly points out the added relief from the stronger “Cafiasprina”.  And the whole page is punctuated with Bayer’s tag line and logo. So simple and so effective.

Agency: BBDO, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Marcello Serpa
Copywriter: Marco Giannelli (pernil)
Art director: Ary Nogueira

FedEx World. When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

I love this series of print ads for FedEx. They are so simple and completely convey the message about FedEx international delivery services. With no editorial the images can be used in any country, and are still completely readable.

Great use of minimal color that helps the FedEx logo to pop in the bottom right. Excellent photography. A single call to action (an international toll-free number), A simple clean idea that just works. Kudos to DDB and the crew that put this together.

The campaign was developed by Brazilian agency DDB. Creative Directors: Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Sergio Valente Art Director: Max Geraldo Copywriter: Aricio Fortes Photographer: Manolo Moran