BRIKK Animates the State of the Planet

For the last month and a half, along with my daily workload, I had been producing a bunch of stuff for last week’s InfoComm 17 which all but consumed my waking hours. Now that the show has past, and looks like it will be a huge success for my company, I decided to take some time this Monday morning and do some research and get some inspiration. The video below from BRIKK is a three and a half minute animation that is beautifully executed and provides you with some food for thought on this Monday morning. Follow along as BRIKK explores the major milestones that have shaped the world as Earth moves farther into the Anthropocene – the latest geologic epoch named for humanity’s influence on the globe. Get lost in the lush textures, rich color pallet, and illustrative storytelling. Then ask yourself, “Is there intelligent life on planet earth?”


Reclaim the Kitchen.

Brikk, the Stockholm based directing team of Björn Johansson, Josef Andersson and Samuel Fastpack have created a web based long form video ad to support Wolf Ranges “Reclaim the Kitchen” microsite. The two and a half minute online spot brings to light some interesting facts about eating habits and how they have changed in the last 100 years. The goal, is to get people to cook at home, and hopefully identify with the Wolf brand. Produced with Seattle based animation studio The Academy, the video takes on a slightly Wes Anderson inspired look, blended with nice stop motion and live action footage, all done with an extremely high production value.

One of the things I like about both the video and the microsite is the limited amount of branding shoved in your face. In the video, you see Wolf at the end. On the microsite it is subtle and reduced as you scroll through the content really only making a solid presence at the end of the page. Instead both components focus more on the problem, solution, and healthy living rather than selling you a product. I really hope this is an advertising trend that catches on and sticks around. It’s been gaining ground for sometime, and I am seeing more of it than ever before.


Client: Wolf Ranges
Agency: The Richards Group
Agency Producer: David Rucker
Creative Director: Brian Linder
Copywriter: Dave Longfield
Production: The Academy
Director: Brikk
Executive Producer: Mike Holm
Producer: Craig Stevens
Music: Breed-Music
Mix/Sound: Lucky Post