Broadcast Design

Fine Living, Animated by BDA and Studio Hansa.

When BDA Creative won the pitch to develop the rebrand for the factual lifestyle channel Fine Living, they had strict budgetary constraints. The result is a series of idents that are totally CGI. By going with full CGI instead of shooting live in a multitude of locations they were able to develop  smartly designed spaces that could be international and aspirational.

Working with London’s Studio Hansa, BDA used distinct colors that reflect the five key areas of interest that Fine Living embodies. Red for Cuisine, yellow for Well-being, blue for Travel, pink for Style and green for Home. Each ident focuses attention on both the Fine Living logo as well as the animated components that reinforce the brand and place them squarely at the center of the Fine Living universe. The result is a series of fluid animations where it is hard to believe that everything in each shot is an animated 3D model. This is really nice work from both teams.



From Peter Quinn, “Shit Showreels Say”

This is pretty funny, and spot on for quite a few show reel /sizzle reels out there. If you work in the fields of film and broadcast, or motion graphics, the video below from   is for you. If you like what you see in the video and want to add this kind of snap to your sizzle reel, you can download Quinn’s project files here.

“I love showreels, and make sure to watch a few every morning with my first coffee. Noticing my own reel was insanely out-of-date got me thinking about reels in general. Here are a few of the obvious 2D and 3D showreel tropes I could think of (and am guilty of, too) mashed together into one almighty anti-showreel!” 

4Seven’s M.C Escher Indents from ManvsMachine.

Here’s a little eye candy and inspiration for Friday. ManvsMachine created a cohesive on & off air package for new channel 4seven, that sits comfortably within the Channel4 family.

working alongside 4creative ManvsMachine created an on-screen identity which uses a distinctive corner wrap concept across the indents. There is a distinct style and visual signature that relates to Channel4 and ties in the 4Seven logo in a subtle but effective way. There is a nod to M.C Escher as the screen rotates from left to right and an uneasy balance is created. The visual set up uses custom camera techniques and CGI to create each of the scenes. The video below shows how the indents tie to the 4Seven promo screens for upcoming programing, and the current style guide.

guidelines-2 guidelines

The Adana Twins World Tour Video Announcement.

Here is a fun little video promoting the Adana Twins world tour. Each country is represented with icons and symbols that are associated with them. The entire piece is shot from directly overhead, and seamlessly edited to feel like it was done in a single take. The bright colorful background and object pair well with the electronic dance music the duo is known for, and the fact that they didn’t do this as a stop motion piece is really refreshing. Produced by , this is a great way to get you through the middle of your week.

Concept & Idea: visualism | design & direction
Camera & Lightning: Marco Boysen
Edit & Animation: Lukas Haider
Assistant: Fathia Ghazi
Music: Tiger Stripes – This Man (Adana Twins’ Disco Vox Remix)

Alienware Area 52 Projection Mapping Event.

Over the last 12 to 18 months, projection mapping events have exploded all over the globe. Every time you turn around a new one shows up on YouTube or Vimeo. And while the quality has made huge advances as the technology has grown, very little has been done to push the actual event. Many of the more recent ones aren’t much more than glorified motion graphics displayed on a building or irregular surface.

A pleasant surprise, and a break from the tried and true formulaic projection mapping events; Alienware’s Area 52 event in Melbourne Australia brings together rich story telling, pyrotechnics, spacial depth, and multiple projections to create something really unique. I really like the fact that they have real people interacting with the foreground object, and that they took full advantage of the space to create a truly dimensional space. All of this combined with some outstanding visuals, really well done projection maps, and a solid storyline help raise the bar on what this kind of event can be.

Apple, Seen Different.

This morning I saw this, and while I think it is a bit heavy handed when it comes to dealing with Apple, the animation and motion graphics work is really well done. This is a nice example of how to use “Sure Target” with kinetic type, and pre=composing  in After Effects.

Design and Animation:
Writer: Elmo Keep –

Production Company: Zapruder’s Other films