Bruce Willis

A Good Day To Die Hard. The Infographics.

The latest segment in the “Die Hard” series has hit theaters and to celebrate the explosive event, RSA has put together a few infographics. The images below chronicle what was blown up, punched, broken destroyed, hurt, vanquished, saved, rescued, and said, along with the cost to insure John McClane. I like these because they are not only packed with fun facts, but because they are really well designed with solid layouts and a nice graphical style.

Die Hard infographicdie_hard_2_infoDie Hard insurance infographic


Kobe Bryant is The Black Mamba!

Nike, working with film director Robert Rodriguez have produced an extended length TV commercial entitled “The Black Mamba” staring Kobe Bryant, Bruce Willis, Kanye West, and Danny Trejo. The commercial is completely over the top, but it is completely indicative of the Nike brand and it’s association with the NBA. Really nice CGI, Special Effects and Video work make this commercial. It’ll be interesting to see how they cut it for broadcast or if they leave it for web/theater distribution only.