Attention to Detail. “The Blue Carpet” by Jonathan Bréchignac.

I often talk about craft, attention to detail, and the hand of the artist in relation to the visual arts and design. Today’s piece of inspiration is the epitome of those things.


At the Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation in Brussels, is a carpet designed and drawn by artist Jonathan Bréchignac. The carpet is an image filled with amazing details all rendered by hand as a life size drawing. It was drawn using Bic pens. That’s right everything from the tassels to the weave patterns were all drawn by hand using blue Bic ball point pens. In addition to the hand work, Bréchignac has rendered a QR code on each corner. The QR codes take you to a specific messages and symbols that Bréchignac has created for the viewer.


7_bluecarpet-detail2 7_bluecarpet-detail3 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-10 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-11 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-12 detailed-illustrations-jonathan-brechignac-13



Friday Eye Candy. Brussels Express.

Here is a little Friday eye candy. A nice little documentary from Sander Vandenbroucke who directed, shot and edited this documentary short on bike messengers in Brussels Belgium. The piece has a great look and feel to it. Enjoy.

Directed, shot & edited by Sander Vandenbroucke
2nd camera: David Doom
Music: Mathieu Vandekerckhove
Translations: Thierry Eeckhout

Volkswagen “Blue Motion”.

This ad has been out for a while, so it’s possible some of you have already seen it. I love the look of this thing. With the “sketchbook look” at a complete over saturation point, VW was able to create something that feels fresh. This is a two and a half D rendering that reads well, and doesn’t look like so many TV ads that have that “Drawn in a note book by a Jr. High student”, look to them. The ad features a great blend of 3D modeling with nice 2D textures. The piece was produced by DDB Brussels with Art Direction by Paul-Henri Guilmin.