Rocketman! BSUR and PostPanic’s 2 Minute History of MINI.

Some days you stumble across things that ignite your passions on a number of fronts. As a MINI owner, the Rocketman concept gets me going because it is a cool looking MINI concept. As a guy that does a lot of  animation, motion graphics designer, video editing and special effects, this video for the Rocketman gets me going because of the superb use of great animation, motion graphics, green screen shots, post production, editing, and integrated CGI. This product film for the MINI Rocketman was created by BSUR and PostPanic. This two-minute short film tells the history of MINI using both 2D and 3D animation combined with live action footage. which is PostPanic’s specialty.

The MINI Countryman “Flow” Commercial Rocks.

I am a Mini Owner. As a matter of fact I am on Mini number two, and my wife  owns a 50th anniversary Mayfair Mini. I know, it’s a bit nuts. Maybe it’s why I love this new spot so much. Well that and the amazing CGI work done here.

In February of 2009, MINI began to create a top-secret new product: a new 4-door, 4-wheel drive Mini; The Countryman, and Mini was looking for an international agency to spearhead their integrated marketing campaign for the new micro SUV.

Late last year they chose BSUR, an independent, marketing agency from Amsterdam, Holland. This video is the result of the first big marketing push. To introduce the new Countryman, Mini wanted to break the mold of automobile advertising and they needed a team that understood the challenge and could make it happen. BSUR stepped up to the plate.

“For 15 years our ‘Concepting’ philosophy has been spreading the word for international clients,” commented Jan Rijkenberg, CEO of BSUR.

“The European and global work we did for iconic brands like Davidoff, O’Neill and Wrangler helped pull MINI to Amsterdam.”

The entire commercial was shot in and around Milan Italy, it combines live action footage with some really great CGI work. Watch the commercial, then watch the making of video. Both are really great, and seeing how they made this is really fascinating.

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