“Onward Internet”.

Tune in, turn on, and be prepared to have your mind blown by the electric koolaide internet. The video below is one of the latest from Buck, and it is a visual treat. What a great example of 2D, 3D, and Stop Motion blended together. This animation has it all, even animated cats. This blast of visual eyecandy was created for onwardinternet.com (the internet suggestion box) in conjunction with digital agency Possible, and it just made my day.

“Google Wallet” from BUCK.

Buck never fails to impress with powerful well designed work. While perusing their Vimeo channel this morning I came across one of their latest, this time for Google Wallet. BrilliantCG paper craft, blended with a rich color pallet, an immersive transitions from scene to scene make this spot. I’ve watched this 4 times, scrubbing through it it taking in the seamless way they blend each section. What great work.


Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producers: Emily Rickard, Nick Terzich
Coordinators: Kaitlyn Mahoney, Emily Suvanvej
Assoc. Creative Director: Kevin Walker
Designers: Kevin Walker, Jenny Ko, Trevor Conrad
CG Supervisor: Doug Wilkinson
CG Artists: Jens Lindgren, John Niehuss, Wing Lee, Alex Dingfelder, Ana Luisa Santos, Joao Rema, Eric Pagtaconan, Brittney Dreher-Metts
Animators: Moses Journey, Matt Foley
Music & Sound Design: CypherAudio

Who Says Weight Loss Ads All Have To Feel The Same.

These two spots or Jenny Craig were produced by Buck and feature a really nice blend of stop motion, 3D animation, and flat design work. The spots are fun, light and informative with an eye catching pop that really works for the weight loss giant. The two 30 second spots explore the ideology and meal options that are the center of the Jenny Craig experience. This is such a fresh approach to the advertising that is typically associated with weight loss companies. Gone are the celebrity endorsements, and heavy handed price positioning. Here the pricing and hard sell have been softened to create a more inviting approach to the product being offered. It’s got a great look and feel to it, I hope it’s something Jenny Craig sticks with for a while.

Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Associate Creative Director: Jon Gorman
Producer: Kevin Hall
Design: Nicolo Bianchino, Jon Gorman, Freddy Arenas
CG Supervisor: Ryan O’Phelan
3D Lead: Brice Linane
Previs: Brice Linane, Ryan O’Phelan
Modeling: Arvid Volz, Brice Linane, Danish Jamil, Martina Stiftinger, Alvaro Ferrer
3D Animation: Pete Hamilton, John Karian, Anton Tokar, Kyle Anderson
2D Animation: Jon Gorman, Nicolo Bianchino, Eric Ko
Lighting/Shading: Michael Lampe, Brice Linane
Composite: Herculano Fernandes, Fred Kim, Jon Gorman
Software: Maya, Nuke, After Effects
Director of Photography: Davon Slininger, Seth Ricart
Line Producer: Chris Costello
Key Grip: Adam MacBeth
Gaffer: Kiva Knight
Best Boy Grip: Matt Schuman, Brian MacLean
Wardrobe: Paloma Perez
Makeup: William Murphy
Hair: Gregory Alan Leinberger
Food Stylist: Janine Kalesis

BUCK Didn’t Fail Idaho.

BUCK has produced a nice animated short for the state of Idaho that blends traditional cel animation with After Effects and 3D Animation. The one minute forty five second spot embraces the current trend toward flat design, without being trendy. There is a vintage look to the piece that doesn’t feel gimmicky or tries to hard. The visuals just work and the fluid animation draws the viewer in compelling them to listen to the message. It took a team of twenty to put this together, and the quality shows. Credits are below the video.

Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Emily Rickard
Associate Producer: Ashley Hsieh
Art Director: Ege Soyuer
Design: Ege Soyuer,Yuki Yamada, Susan Yung, Kenesha Sneed, Jenny Ko, Xoana Herrera
After Effects and 3D Animation: Daniel Coutinho, Claudio Salas, Esteban Esquivo, Andreas Hansen
Cel Animation: Matt Everton, Kendra Ryan, Claudio Salas, Song Kim, Laura Yilmaz, Gunnar Pettersson
Music Composition and Sound Design: Echolab