Buck Heats up Hive with Llamas.

The two animated pieces below for Hive, were produced by Buck and feature a wonderful blend of Cel Animation and 3D Animation, that blend together seamlessly. This campaign for British Gas was produced by Buck in conjunction with CHI & Partners. It features some fantastic line art, a kooky little song, and look that reads like a children’s book. What a great way to sell a thermostat. No hard facts and figures, just a fun little animated piece with a catchy song.

Buck Serves Up Datagrams for the US Open.

I love this. What a great use of white hot visual social media goliath Instagram, beautiful design, and animation, plus data provided by IBM. At the US Open this year, Buck in conjunction with IBM and Ogilvy & Mather created live video animations that were uploaded to Instagram. A custom toolkit and workflow was designed and built to accommodate the live data that was being entered and shifted with the on court action. The result was responsive data-based animations, rendered and uploaded in minutes. The video below shows the end result highlighting the clean design work and simple animations.

“Daybreak” for Sherwin Williams from the Magicians at Buck.

The team at Buck are absolutely amazing. Every time they produce something it makes me jealous and envious of their amazing skills and talent.

This is the third TV commercial they have produced for Sherwin Williams in less than a year, and once again the quality of this just blows me away. What a great little TV spot that ties into the two earlier commercials they produced.Oh and after you watch the clip, look at the number of people it took to produce this 30 second spot. Pretty impressive don’t you think.

Directed by: Buck
Production House: Buck NY
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kevin Hall
Lead Art Director: Ben Langsfeld
Art Director: Joshua Harvey
Design: Ben Langsfeld, Joshua Harvey, Jon Klassen, Thomas Schmid
Storyboards: Jon Allemand
CG Supervisor: Joshua Harvey
3D Pipeline Manager: Chris Hendryx
3D Modeling/Layout: David Soto, Joon Lee, Scott Hubbard
3D Animation: Joshua Harvey, Pete Hamilton, Ryan O’Phelan
3D Lighting/Shading: Ylli Orana, Michael Lampe, Kevin Couture
Lead Composite: Daniel Oeffinger
Composite: Conrad Ostwald, Seth Ricart

Agency: McKinney
Producer: Josh Eggleston
GCD: Ellen Steinberg
Copywriter: Jenny Nicholson
Art Director: John Hagerty

Studio: Beacon Street Studios

Producer: Marie Deleon
Colorist: Tom Poole

Maya, V-Ray, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Da Vinci

Supinfocom is Just Amazing. “Meet Buck”.

I am always amazed by the quality of student work that is being done these days. Especially the stuff that is being done at Supinfocom Arles. This film was made by a group of students in less than a years time. Not only is the animation spot on, but the quality of the story, and the execution of the entire film is absolutely fantastic. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to go back to school full-time (at Supinfocom Arles), so I have a year to do nothing but polish my skills as an artist.

Directed By : Denis Bouyer, Yann De Preval,

Rigging : Vincent E Sousa, Laurent Monneron

Sound Design : Julien Begault

Music : Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine