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“Call Her Mama”. It’s A Wrap!

If you are one of the people that read my blog, then you probably know I went to South Africa back in September to work on a short documentary about AIDS orphans. Well the film is in the final stages, and things are really coming together. So to go along with the film, a series of desktop wallpapers are now available for you in 2 sizes. Wide screen and normal depending on your monitor, and available for your iPhone.

If you are so inclined, please go to the Call Her Mama website and download the freebies. While you are there, please take some time to read about the film and the amazing woman, Mama Nozake who is taking care of so many of these children.

If you are in Kansas City on February 13th, there is a pre-screening of the film at  7:30 pm, Indian Creek Community Church. Olathe, KS

“In South Africa, when “Mama” is attached to your name, you have been given a title of great respect. You have earned it by nourishing not only your own family, but your entire community. Mama Nozake has done much to deserve the title…

Mama’s community of Motherwell is a township of about a million people in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. It is a community where people have very little in the way of material goods or even provisions to meet basic needs. What they do have is a distinction no community wants…one of the highest HIV/AIDS rates in the world.

But they also have Mama Nozake. Her lack of formal education (fifth grade) is more than overcome by her insight, wisdom and determination. She feeds 200 children a day, manages an AIDS support group, supervises a community garden, and has started a crèche. She also manages community care workers who visit those with HIV/AIDS…bringing them food, medicine, and love.

I met Mama Nozake in 2008 and was impressed by her story and the difficulties she has overcome to make a difference in her community. Hers is a story that is begging to be told. And it is my great honor to bring it to you.” Film Director Tim Stout 2009.

About the trip to South Africa

Since I posted the first set of photos from South Africa earlier this week I have received a ton of emails saying  “great vacation pics. Please upload some more.” I want to point out that we wweren’t there on vacation. While not all of the photos are from Motherwell and the school where we built the playground,  the trip had a real purpose. We were there to film a documentary and build a playground at the school.

The purpose of the trip was to call attention to what Mama Nozake is doing with the soup clubs, and how she is helping those that are HIV positive. The purpose of the trip was to show what kind of impact she is having in her community, and how she is fighting against great hardships in an attempt to improve the lives of so many with so very little. I am attaching a number of photos to this post. The reason we went is shown on the faces of the children in many of these photos. If you want more information about Nozake and the film, please go to the official film blog here.