I love my dogs, and I love playing with them, but even at age 8 Cosmo can be a little demanding. The Rat Terrier in him wants to play fetch for hours. He would play until I couldn’t throw the ball anymore. I always feel a bit guilty, because the high strung little guy really needs a ton of exercise and stimulation. This is where iFetch comes in.

The iFetch is an automatic pet toy that allows your dog play fetching ball by itself. It’s pretty simple. Plug it in or load it with batteries, turn it on, drop the iFetch balls in the back, and watch your dog chase them down. With a bit of training, and depending on your dogs aptitude, your dog can learn to load iFetch themselves.

iFetch is designed for small to medium sized dogs, and uses special miniature tennis balls that are about an inch and a half in diameter. The robotic ball launcher offers up 3 distance settings as well to accommodate the size of your space, and your pups exercise needs. iFetch can be set for 10, 20, or 30 foot launch distances. iFetch also has a standby mode which keeps the device on, quietly waiting for your dog to drop a ball in the hoop and wake it for a play session.

The video below shows it in action.


Menswear Dog, the Most Fashionable Dog in the World.

Menswear Dog is absolutely brilliant. How this blog escaped me for so long I have no idea. Watch the video below and then click through to experience the most fashionable dog on the planet. If your lucky you can be as fashionable as Menswear Dog.

The Thing About Dogs, from Daniel Koren.

It’s Friday afternoon, and I think we all need to watch a video about dogs fromĀ . Why? Because watching a well made video with great music about dogs, is a great way to start your weekend.