Cannes International Festival of Creativity

“Feel The Reel” with Real-Time Emotional Response.

I love it when a group pushes technology to create something new and exciting. Case in point, Satchi and Satchi’s new directors showcase at Cannes this year. Using wristbands with biometric sensors embedded in them, they were able to capture emotional responses to work being shown in real-time. The data that was being collected was displayed on a secondary screen in the theater as a real-time visualization of the audiences emotional response to what they were watching. This allowed the audience to see how others were responding in relation to themselves as well. It’s a great little experiment, and one that I could see being applied to study groups to gauge a more realistic emotional response content, product, ui/ux design etc.



Penguin Audio Books Whisper In Your Ear.

To promote their audiobook line in India, Penguin has produced a series of posters featuring three famous authors from history, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare, and Oscar Wilde. The illustrations depict the authors contorted into the span of headphones positioned to quietly whisper into the ears of their listeners. There is no editorial, just the logo and the illustration. The visual is a powerful metaphor for the way the audiobook is consumed, and the intimacy in which it is consumed. In less than a week from the initial release, awareness of Penguin audiobooks increased by 15%. In addition 7% more audiobooks sold over the course of the following week. The Penguin campaign won a Gold Press Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity, and rightfully so. Great visuals make this campaign a success.