Canon 5D

A Super Cell Thunderstorm in Texas.

Summer is almost upon us, and Kansas City feels like a hot sticky mess outside. It’s 92 degrees and I think the humidity is the same. All of this adds up to ripe conditions for thunderstorms. The video below is a time-lapse captured by Arizona native Mike Oblinski near Booker Texas on June 3rd, 2013. The video was shot on his trusty Canon 5D with a 14mm Rokinon f2.8 lens. The video shows the super cell thunderstorm as it develops and changes over time becoming more and more powerful.


Friday Eye Candy. Upside Down, Left to Right.

Independent film maker Danny Cooke has dropped a wonderful short film on Letterpress printing on Vimeo. “Upside Down, Left To Right: A Letterpress Film” is a film about one of the last remaining movable-type print shops in the UK. The press is located at Plymouth University, and the film features Master Printer Paul Collier.

Like so many films these days, it was shot on a Canon 5D, and has a fantastic look to it. Cooke’s cinematography and editing really helps makes this short film stand out. The film is complimented by an ambient soundtrack created by Tony Higgins, which helps to set the magical tone of the film.

I got my fine arts degree in printmaking many years ago, and perhaps that is why this film struck a cord with me. That and the fact that my career has morphed into one that focuses primarily on film and animation these days. Something about this piece makes me want to make better films and tell better stories.

Carving The Mountain. Longboards in Spain.

Today I was supposed to be working on a video shoot that involves a guy on a Ducati doing some high speed sweeps over a hill and down a curved road. Unfortunately the 45 mile per hour wind gusts, and on again off again overcast have put the shoot on hold until next week. So instead of shooting video of high speed sport bikes burning up the back roads of Northwest Missouri, I am posting a video of a group of young women carving up a mountain outside of Madrid Spain on their long boards.

Carving The Mountains is a short film by Juan Rayos featuring the Longboard Girls Crew. The film features music by the Decemberist, and Pascal Comelade.

The film was shot with a Canon 5D Mk II DSLR. There was no additional info about any other gear on Rayos Vimeo page. The shots are all so fluid and smooth  it makes me think he used some form of Steadicam rig.

24 Hours in 2 Minutes.

There is some really amazing stuff being done with the Canon 5D these days and this is another great example of what you can achieve with a DSLR if you know how to shoot and edit video. This time-lapse video was shot in New York City by Alexandre Favre, Pierre Dumont, David Mignot with post work by Stimul.

Shot over the summer of 2009, the entire piece is edited to Beethoven’s “Symphony Number 9”, preformed by the New York Philharmonic. The editing really makes the piece. It is beautifully shot, and the 5D does an excellent job, but the editing here really makes this shine.

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