70,000 Shots = 1, 365 Gigapixel Image.

OK this is just crazy. The video below shows the behind the scenes. The image below is a panorama compiled from 70,oo0 single shots.

Pano 2

Shooting for 15 days and taking 2 months to complete the 365 gigapixel image is described as the world’s highest definition panoramic photograph. The images were shot on a Canon 70D with a 400 mm lens and a 2x tele-converter.

The project is titled in2white and was led by Italian photographers Filippo Blengini and Alessandra Bacchilega, which took their team to an altitude of 11,482ft to make this happen. Working in freezing temperatures the managed to create an epic image of the Italian Alps and the surrounding landscape. In order to pull this off the programmed a Clauss precision pan-and-tilt head which was able to accurately position to create the seamless image below. For the full experience go to the website here.


Friday Inspiration, Travel Love.

I need a vacation, an overseas foreign land vacation to be specific. Since the trip to Italy fell through earlier this year it might be a while before I travel abroad again. In order to get my travel fix I guess I’ll watch videos like the one below from Christian Grewe.

This five-minute short is a highlight reel of three separate trips to Asia, Thailand, and South America. All of the footage was shot his Canon 5 D Mark II and III, plus a GoPro Black edition. These feature really nice travel footage, that reinforce the fact that you really need to look around, be adventurous, and pay attention when traveling. Why? Because if you don’t you might miss the little things, and the little things make it all worthwhile.

A Super Cell Thunderstorm in Texas.

Summer is almost upon us, and Kansas City feels like a hot sticky mess outside. It’s 92 degrees and I think the humidity is the same. All of this adds up to ripe conditions for thunderstorms. The video below is a time-lapse captured by Arizona native Mike Oblinski near Booker Texas on June 3rd, 2013. The video was shot on his trusty Canon 5D with a 14mm Rokinon f2.8 lens. The video shows the super cell thunderstorm as it develops and changes over time becoming more and more powerful.

Sunrise Over Kansas

This weekend marked the start of a new film project. This image was taken as the sun rose over Kansas this morning, following a full day of shooting.

The project will take about 12 months to complete, and updates will be posted along the way. Look for a Vimeo teaser in the next week or so, followed by style boards, storyboards, behind the scenes info and other details.