Trine Weng’s Casalinga.

In 2008 designer Trine Weng launched Casalinga (“Housewife” in Italian). In the last 3 years Weng’s, Casalinga product line has become a well established line of modern Danish home goods. I have always loved the product line. There is a direct nod to mid-century modern styling, yet the line feels very contemporary and fresh. The color pallet, patterns and product shapes feel timeless.

Beyond the table settings shown in the slide show below, Casalinga also produces jewelry, knobs and pulls, wall decorations and variety of other items.

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“Aesthetics in a busy workaday life is one of Casalinga’s key goals, and therefore I make products that work in practice while also offering that added quality: a pattern, a striking shape or a historical touch. I love the Scandinavian and functionalist expression, and it is in perfect dialogue with the minimalist Japanese idiom, which I also admire. I love working with simple and substantial form, but I also want to give my products added value. Therefore, I often incorporate retro-references and place them in a new and modern context, where things tell a new story and become slightly more complex – like little individuals with their own, unique personality. All my designs are developed in my studio in Copenhagen and draw inspiration from nature and all the chores and activities that make up everyday family life.”

Trine Weng