iPad Games for Cats. Yes You Read That Right.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then I am pretty sure the folks at Friskies cat food will win an award. Friskies has released  three new iPad games based on HTML 5 and CSS3 specifically for cats. It’s not a new idea, there are already a number of iPad cat games in the app store, but Friskies was smart enough to tie it directly to their brand as a product.

The games that Friskies have created play into the natural instincts of cats, and their attraction to movement, and when you watch the video, you can see how this is not only entertaining for the cat, but for the owner as well. That part about the owner as well, is key here, because the owner buys the cat food, and Friskies wants you to buy theirs.

Cats With Opposable Thumbs

This TV spot for Cravendale milk in the UK poses an age old question… What if cats had opposable thumbs?

Last week Cravendale introduced a new integrated campaign promoting its milk brand. “Cats with Thumbs“. The TV commercial is the center point of the campaign, and focuses on a man’s thoughts about the question “What if cats had opposable thumbs?” The commercial stars a number of cats that begin plotting ways to get the milk they love. In the spot the cats perform a range of human-like tasks with their evolved thumbs – they file their claws, knit, read [The Art of Military Strategy] and click their fingers, West Side Story-style, all to a track similar to the soundtrack of the movie Inception.

The campaign is featured online at Cravendale Milk Matters website, with additional connections to the Wikipedia entry for Polydactyl cats, Bertrum Thumbcat’s Facebook page and Twitter page @BertrumThumbcat.

The Thumbcat campaign was developed by Wieden+Kennedy‘s London offices. Direction of the TV commercial was done by Ulf Johansson for Smith & Jones Films. Post production and CGI work was done by The Moving Picture Company.