Cell Phones

“where u at” AT&T’s Award Winning Integrated Texting Campaign.

I have zero tolerance for anyone that texts and drives, and I’m not to fond of drivers with a handset slapped next to the side of their head either. Having spent the last 9 days dealing with an auto accident that should have left my car totaled, but unfortunately won’t thanks to greed on the insurance companies behalf; I thought I would post a little something about driver safety.

AT&T has won international acclaim with the launch of “The Last Text”, road safety campaign. The campaign was awarded with a Silver Integrated Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity earlier this year. The campaign is built around a 10-minute documentary short that features the lives of people whose lives have been altered by texting while driving.

““Where u at.” Those three words made up the last text message Mariah West read before her car crashed into a bridge, ending her life.””

Mariah is one of eight individuals featured in the film which is distributed to schools, safety organizations, and government agencies throughout the United States. The campaign also includes print and radio advertisements, along with a series of shorted film clips available on YouTube.

The campaign was designed to help alert people to the dangers of texting & driving, and through Social Media connections, it encouraged hundreds of thousands of families to sign AT&T’s Facebook pledge. The campaign has garnered national media attention from CNN, to ABC’s Good Morning America, and The White House Blog. The documentary has had millions of hits on YouTube and, thanks to partnerships with several major safety organizations, is now included in driver’s education classes across the country.

“The Last Text” was developed at BBDO New York.

Marimekko and Sharp Design a Cell Phone.

Textile manufacturer Marimekko ( see my design Friday post here ), has teamed up with Sharp to produce this Japan only cell phone. The phone is basically a Sharp SH-08B available on the NTT Docomo network.

I like Marimekko fabrics, they are a classic design company that always produces fantastic textile designs which adhere to the Marimekko tradition, so when I saw that they had teamed up with tech giant Sharp I was pleasantly surprised. Even though the phone is a fairly standard flip phone.

Marimekko has done an excellent job of controlling the use of the floral pattern that Sharp has chosen to use, integrating seamlessly it into the packaging and display materials, as well as the phone itself. While I would never own this phone, you have to admit it is a beautiful design that appeals to a very specific target audience. “Fashion forward Japanese young women”. I could see this being a big success for both Sharp and NTT Docomo.

Another thing I find interesting here is that Marimekko was willing to make such a partnership. Ultimately this could be huge for the Marimekko brand. It opens an entire new area for the company to expand its visual design aesthetic into.