character design

Fear of Flying with No Stop-Motion.

Below are two videos. The final “Fear of Flying” and the Making of film that shows how much work goes into something like this. “Fear of Flying” has one more awards than you can shake a stick at, and rightfully so. The film has a great story line and character development, and the animation and post work have great production value.  Oh and there is no stop-motion technique used on this film. Watch the Making Of to see how they did it.


We Think Things “Cumulus & Nimbus Show”

It’s summer, and the last week in Kansas City has been pretty damn spectacular weather wise. Because of the sunshine, and mild 80 degree afternoons, I have been looking for summery video inspiration. What did I find? This fun little piece from We Think Things. This animated short is the opening sequence for the fictitious Cummulus & Nimbus show (yes I know that cumulus is spelled wrong, but that is how it is spelled on their site). Great animation and illustration styles going on here. Every time I watch it, it just makes me smile.

“We had this idea for a character, Cummulus. He was meant to be a mascot, something funny for our reel. But the longer we thought about what he could do, the more gags and characters we came up with and the whole thing grew into a fake cartoon intro thingy.”

Friday Inspiration. “CHERIE 25 Habillage”.

This is one impressive video for the launch of CHERIE 25 Habillage. Produced by  for Les Telecreateurs design, we have some really nice character animation, compositing, post production work and editing. Great work from Director Celia Rivière. This happy little short film is a great way to start your weekend and welcome spring.

Production company : Les Telecreateurs
Director : Celia Rivière

Character design : Charlotte Gastaut

Producer : Eric Nung
Character design : Charlotte Gastaut
Postproduction company : Mathematic
Postproducer : Hélène St-Riquier
Lead Animator: Sebastien Eballard
Animator: Nicolas Dabos

“Fat” an Amazing Student Film from Supinfocom.

Every time I see a graduate project from the students at Supinfocom in Arles France, it makes me want to take a sabbatical and go back to school. This animated short film came out a couple of years ago, but I just found it this morning on Vimeo. Great story telling, character design, 3D modeling, animation, sound design and post production work. This is why this is one of the top schools in the world for learning this kind of thing.

Direction // Gary Fouchy – Yohann Auroux Bernard – Sebastien De Oliveira Bispo
Help // Bastien Letoile – Lucas Morandi – Danyang Wang
Music // Noah Sacre