Charles Darwin

When You Have the Time, Create Something For Yourself.

Occasionally when I have a bit of downtime, I like to try and polish the design/art/lettering/software skills. This week has been rather slow on the work front, so yesterday I used the opportunity to flex my Illustrator muscle and create the image below. I know, it’s blatant self promotion but I don’t care. I rarely post any of my own work here, and frankly I think it turned out rather well. Everything but the background was created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator CS6. The background is vintage wallpaper that was color shifted in Photoshop.


Iconic Black and White Photo’s Colorized.

I’m not a huge fan of the colorization process that gets applied to black and white films. I know why it’s done (younger audiences apparently don’t like black and white film, or so I am told) but I still don’t like it. Even though the process has gotten better, it still seems fake. The same is true for still images. Most of the time, the colorized version looks wrong, for what ever reason. The images below however, are anything but. Most of these examples show the outstanding Photoshop skills used to colorize them.


Marilyn Monroe 1942: Tom Thounaojam


1927 Solvay Conference


Albert Einstein, 1948: Yousuf Karsh


Dorothea Lange, February 1936

Lange 2

Migrant Mother, 1936: Dorothea Lange


Audrey Hepburn, 1953: Bud Fraker


Charles Darwin


Ernest Hemingway, 1957: Yousuf Karsh


Harper’s Bazaar, December 1947: Toni Frissell

Grand Central

Grand Central 1941: Tom Thounaojam


Sergeant George Camblair 1942: Jack Delano


HMS Mauretania, 1909

FSA /8c30000/8c309008c30984a.tif


Trailer Queen,  1941: Tom Thounaojam