Chat Roulette

“Chit Chat Roulette”.

There isn’t a whole lot of info on the production of this animated short, but it doesn’t matter because the quality is here and that’s what matters. Chit Chat Roulette was Directed & animated – David Lüpschen with the support of a moderately sized crew. If you have ever seen, or participated in chat roulette, you’ll love this video. Why? Because it pretty much nails the entire experience. If you are a fan of stop motion animation you’ll love this for the nice blend with live action and puppets.

Directed & animated – David Lüpschen
Script – A Very Successful Business
Music & sound design – Marian Mentrup
Voice-over recording – Studio Yes

FlumpWOOD – Janina Sitzmann
BLAZEofglory – Janina Sitzmann
GeoffreyAdams – David Luepschen
DEAN123 – David Luepschen
8-pack – Janina Sitzmann

Voice Talents:
FlumpWOOD – Theodora Van Der Beek
LadyJane285 – Theodora Van Der Beek
BLAZEofglory – Sam Ojari
GeoffreyAdams – Adam Morley
DEAN123 – Adam Morley
8-pack – Sam Ojari
JellyBINGObabez – Theodora Van Der Beek & Dulcimer Cowling


AirTime for Facebook. Let the Chatting Begin.

I never did the chat roulette thing. It was just one of those things I never got. Chat Roulette is however quite popular, and when you combine it with Facebook, the time wasting possibilities are endless.

Airtime is a new Facebook application developed by Sean Parker, and yes, it is going to be the Chat Roulette of the Facebook world. You are either going to love this or hate it, and I have a feeling most Facebook users will favor the love it category.

With $25mm in start up funding AirTime has launched with a goal of bringing excitement back to your social networking experiences by connecting you to total strangers with similar interests based on your Facebook profile. AirTime aims to find new friends for you based on everything from where you grew up, to your favorite music, interests, movies, books etc.

I see the potential here, but I doubt I’ll use it. Especially since I use Facebook less and less these days.