Chit Chat Roulette

“Chit Chat Roulette”.

There isn’t a whole lot of info on the production of this animated short, but it doesn’t matter because the quality is here and that’s what matters. Chit Chat Roulette was Directed & animated – David Lüpschen with the support of a moderately sized crew. If you have ever seen, or participated in chat roulette, you’ll love this video. Why? Because it pretty much nails the entire experience. If you are a fan of stop motion animation you’ll love this for the nice blend with live action and puppets.

Directed & animated – David Lüpschen
Script – A Very Successful Business
Music & sound design – Marian Mentrup
Voice-over recording – Studio Yes

FlumpWOOD – Janina Sitzmann
BLAZEofglory – Janina Sitzmann
GeoffreyAdams – David Luepschen
DEAN123 – David Luepschen
8-pack – Janina Sitzmann

Voice Talents:
FlumpWOOD – Theodora Van Der Beek
LadyJane285 – Theodora Van Der Beek
BLAZEofglory – Sam Ojari
GeoffreyAdams – Adam Morley
DEAN123 – Adam Morley
8-pack – Sam Ojari
JellyBINGObabez – Theodora Van Der Beek & Dulcimer Cowling