Christian Schlesinger

dotdotdot • • •

My iPad is becoming my single go to device for all digital content.  Over the last couple of years I have slowly transitioned away from my computer for everything except actual content development work.

One of the things that I find frustrating with using a tablet for my primary source of digital content input, is content management and aggregation.  I use Flipboard and other apps to help migrate content into a single location, but I am always looking for something a bit more robust.

Today I found dotdotdot ••• and while I haven’t had a chance to download it and use, the video below looks promising.  Dotdotdot ••• is an independent social reading application designed to the end user get the most out of there digital content streams.  dotdotdot ••• allows you to manage, read and collaborate with others, and create an archive of your reading material. It doesn’t matter where your sources come from, dotdotdot ••• reads ePubs, RSS-feeds, books, magazines, DropBox files and more.  It reads any text from the web on iPad and in all browsers. I think I might have to give it a try.

UX by Thomas Schinabeck.
UI by Thomas Weyreswith and Jacopo Bortolato.
Backend development by Christian Klingler
Frontend development by Christian Schlesinger and David Goldwich
iOS development by Christian Beer and Oliver Greschke