Monday Inspiration. The Carp and the Seagull, an Interactive Film.

Here is a little bit of Monday inspiration. If you use Chrome as your browser I suggest you take some time and check out this new immersive, interactive film from the Creators Project and Evan Boehm from Nexus Interactive Arts.

The video below is the trailer for the WebGL and HTML5 film called ‘The Carp and the Seagull‘. This short 3D environmental film was made using the WebGL standard that allows you to be immersed in a world where you embark on a dark journey.

Rendered in a wire frame polygon style The Carp And The Seagull’s look is reflective of the characters emotional and spiritual states, which takes place in a cube that the viewer can rotate. This allows the viewer to switch between the characters physical and spiritual worlds as the story unfolds in real-time.

This is a great example of where the web is going  as designers and storytellers take advantage of HTML 5, WebGL, and other emerging technologies.


Introducing Google’s “Chrome Book”.

For me, the jury is still out on Google’s “Chrome Book” set to launch later this summer. What I am sure about is the look and feel that Google has developed to explain the product and its features. These animations are great. They have a fun casual look to them and they explain what the product is without becoming dry, stuffy, academic, or boring, something that isn’t easy to do when you are talking about technology.