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Google’s First Magazine.

Google has launched a new magazine entitled “Think Quarterly”. The magazines purpose is according to Google, “to create breathing space in a busy world.” This is a  limited-edition quarterly book for Google that brings together some of the world’s leading minds to discuss the issues facing businesses today.

This is the first installment of this quarterly magazine.  It features a bespoke cover tailored to the individual recipient, a slipcase, presentation box and a pop-up chart.

Using print on demand technologies and produced in collaboration with Google, Think Quarterly will be delivered to the UK’s leading chief executives. The magazine is curated by Google, designed and edited by The Church of London, it brings together world-leading data experts including Hans Rosling, Simon Rogers and Nigel Shadbolt to discuss how data is re-shaping modern business. The magazine is visually stunning and well put together, with solid layouts, photography, illustration and type.

In addition to the physical magazine,Think Quarterly is available as a rich Flash application with Google’s unique viewpoint and an in-depth writing style that you would expect to find in Business Week or Salon.

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