Coat Rack

Designer Isaac Krady’s, STACK.

It’s hard to believe but Fall is just around the corner with the first day of Autumn just 8 weeks away. I know that it won’t really cool off by September 21st, but it does mark the spot when the days start getting shorter, and jacket season sort of begins.

When we moved to the loft back in March the coat closet went away. It’s a loft, closets are not always a design priority. To keep coats and jackets off the floor I installed a coat rack, but it’s never really done it for me. The design just doesn’t work, and I’ve been looking to replace it since the day it went up. I think I might have found a solution.

STACK by designer Isaac Krady is a solid oak, blocky, sculptural coat hook that looks on it’s own as a sculptural element. It comes in three colors, and looks heavy duty enough to hold the largest of coats. There is a contact number on his site, but no info on where to buy. This is going to take some investigating.