Pause Fest ID 2014, and The Making Of.

in two days Pause Fest kicks off in Melbourne Australia.The festival is focused on interactive, motion, art, music and design running for 3 days and nights. I wish I was going so I could escape the insanely cold weather here in the midwest, but alas I am not. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy a bit of the Pause Fest magic as showcased in the animation below.

 had the privilege of creating the indent for this year’s Pause Fest. Working with a number of designers and animators  landed on the idea of combining communication devices from different eras that would be mixed through various scenes and situations. The result is pretty nice with great flow, and timing. Now if you have ever wondered just how complex something like this can be, watch the second video below from   which shows the making of just one small sequence in the completed animation.

New York Writes Itself. A Production by the People of New York.

I came across New York Writes Itself this afternoon while waiting for a number of video renders to finish up. Designed and developed by Leo Burnett, New York, the website invites the citizens of New York city to participate with creative writing, music, art, and film by collecting their stories. The trailer below is nice, but the actual pieces written and left on the website are outstanding.

Like all things these days, the site is hooked into all the social media outlets helping to extend its reach and allowing you to spread the stories encased there far beyond their point of origin. If you get a chance, check it out.