All About the Little Things.

I’m going to give a hat tip to Indian Motorcycles for being smart enough to get Mike Wolfe from American Pickers to be in their series of YouTube videos promoting the new bikes. I’m going to give Indian a big F circled in Red, and underlined for doing such an awful job on the audio production of these clips. Seriously guys, buy a wind sock for your microphones if your shooting outside, and who told you it was a good idea to mix Mike Wolfe exclusively on the right, and Greg Brew exclusively on the left?

Indian has spent a lot of money producing a series of videos to promote the rebirth of the brand, and the bikes. They have developed a nice looking YouTube channel to hold all of this content which is integrated with a dedicated website. The Indian site has a killer look that draws on the company heritage. The videos themselves have a nice look to them as well especially the promotional videos that were obviously produced by Indian’s Agency of Record. So it blows me away, that they would get Mike Wolfe to participate in a series of storytelling/brand building videos with their lead designer; and then they would drop the ball on a very important detail like the audio. I know most people won’t care, or even notice, but the crew that signed off on this stuff should have. It’s their job to pay attention to the small details that complete the package.

Now I don’t want to come off as “That Guy” so… The title cards look great, the opening screens look great, nice job on animating the type, solid editing and camera work… the audio just makes it hard for me to watch these.