I’m going on vacation for a few days starting tomorrow so my concentration is blown. For the next 6 days I’ll be hiking around in Rocky Mountain National Park taking photos and enjoying the emerging spring in Colorado. Last week PetaPixel posted a link to a Phelarn video on tips and tricks for improving landscape photographs. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 1. Since before Adobe even owned the software. The thing that is great about Photoshop and sites like Phlearn is, you can always learn something new, or remember a technique you might have forgotten along the way. The image below is something I shot last year, and used some of the Phlearn tricks from the video below it to enhance my image. RMNP is going to be fun. I’ll be posting images from the trip over the next few days. I hope I don’t bore everyone to death.


“Peak Season” Colorado in the Fall, Yeti Cycles.

One of the things I like about a lot of the video advertising work that is being produced for the web is the lack of confinement. By that I mean the people producing these works aren’t locked into 15 and 30 second edit lengths, and there is less of a direct message push. Many of the videos I see that are sponsored by and produced for a specific brand these days have more of a lifestyle feel to them. Case in point is the beautiful video below for Yeti Cycles.

Filmed and directed by Craig Grant this video is as much about the joy of being in Colorado in early fall, as it is about Yeti Cycles. There is no dialog, no direct message, no in your face selling, just a guy on a bike riding through absolutely gorgeous mountain scenery. Grant does a masterful job filming the biker as he carves his way down the mountain, through the golden glow of the aspens. At the end, there is a single splash screen with the company logo on it.

I find this successful for a couple of reasons. First it created a lasting memory. One that I now associate with Yeti Cycles. Two, it is something people want to share, which in fact spreads brand awareness. This is the kind of ad I wouldn’t skip, mute, or fast forward over. It’s the kind of advertising that could in fact be compressed into a broadcast length and still be effective. Even the supporting editorial on Vimeo lack the in your face style so much advertising presents. It’s about the location, and the ride, not the product.

“Like every other season, fall is pretty magical in the Colorado high country. By the end of summer, cool winds are already moving over the mountains and the peaks are getting dusted with snow. The aspens shed their leaves, covering the trails in red and gold, and morning frosts dampen the dry summer dirt. Add it all together, and it means several weeks of absolutely prime singletrack—sticky, colorful, and emptied of the summertime foot traffic. It was in search of those conditions that we headed into the mountains with our SB66s and a checklist of our favorite trails.”

I hope this style of advertising catches on in a larger way.

Big Horn Sheep

On the last day of the mini photo vacation, we ran into 5 or so Big Horn Sheep in Big Thompson Canyon. This is why I’m glad I rented the 50mm to 200mm lens for the OMD. I’m going to write up a review for the lens and using it with the OMD when I get back home later this week. Lemme just say, I think I might have a purchase coming in my future.


A Little Bit of Mountain Magic.

Sometimes you get a little bit of unexpected magic. Today I went on a 6 mile round trip hike to Fern Falls in the Rocky Mountain National park. Most of the day mother nature spit on us with light rain and sleet. By the time we got to the falls it had stopped, but then the sky opened up with a dense snowfall that last for about 30 minutes. Images and video can’t capture just how beautiful it was, but I tried. As we started walking back down the mountain the snow lifted, the sun came out, and the weather in Colorado changed yet again.









On Vacation.

I’m on vacation, so I’m really not posting much. I haven’t for the last three days, and probably won’t post much more until Tuesday. I’m spending a long weekend at Estes Park Colorado, hiking and shooting photos and video for a side project. It’s still like early spring here, especially above 10,000 feet. Yesterday Bear Lake and Alberta Falls. Today who knows, the weather looks perfect for a day on the mountain.