Ralph Lauren Goes Gets Immersive.

Yesterday I did a short post on New Balance and the projection mapping they are doing for a new line of shoes they have coming out. In it I mentioned that the process in many ways had become much easier with advances in hardware and software over the last few years. With that said, I would also like to qualify that with “Projection mapping can be as complex as you need it to be.” Case in point, the new runway show for Ralph Lauren.

The Ralph Lauren image may be a brand that is more closely associated with the 29 vintage cars that  Lauren has collected with passion, rather than with social networks, iPhone applications and cross-platform advertising campaigns but this project might change that perception though.

Watch this video and take note of the fact that there is a fairly large crew involved. They make extensive use of green screen, 3D modeling, light projection, geometry mapping and distortion, HD video, composting, audio design etc. I tried to find a video of the actual finished piece, but every version I found was pretty weak. When I find a decent one I’ll update this post with it. In the mean time, take a look at the making of video. It’s really quite impressive.

“We put our hearts and souls into this, this sensory experience — complete with sound and even a mist of fragrance — will not be staged only in London. One of the brand’s New York stores also will get a similar eye-popping show. ” Ralph Lauren