Monday Inspiration. “Cowboy As I Am” by Philip Hodges.

The nine minute short film by  below tells the story of Steven Millward who was paralyzed in a rodeo accident almost twenty years ago. It is a story that focuses on his relationship with veteran horse whisperer Grant Golliher and Steven’s horses. The short film features some killer cinematography from James Coombs and Morgan Mercier. The editing, post and sound work help complete this, wonderful little documentary. Take nine minutes of your day and give it a watch. You’ll be glad you did. It is beautiful and inspiring.

“Roper” from Lucid Inc. Story Telling Done Right.

The film below from Lucid Inc. is the story of Kendrick, a Louisiana calf roper that is dreaming of going to the national championships in Las Vegas one day. Not only is the film filled with inspiration about reaching your dreams, it is a fabulous combination of story, and visual presentation. The short documentary is masterfully shot blending  in slow motion footage at times. The rhythm of the film, and the cadence of the editing combine to create a great visual story that is enhanced with Kendrick’s voice over. This is how visual storytelling is done right.

If you are a film maker watch and be inspired. If you aren’t a film maker, watch it and be inspired for other reasons.

Director – Ewan McNicol
Producer – Anna Sandilands
Editors – Marco Perez and Ewan McNicol
Story Producer – Apryl Richards
Sound Recordist – Steven Bechtold
Assistant Editor – Chloé McLennan
Production Coordinator – Eli Martin
Colorist – Jeff Tillotson at Lightpress

Music Score – Madrona Music
Music Supervision – Cary LoGrande at Audiosocket
‘That L’Argent (remix feat. Tucka) – Lil’ Nathan & The Zydeco Big Timers