Cradle to Cradle Design

Inspired by a Bridge. Sayl On.

When I first saw Yves Behar’s  Sayl chair designed for Herman Miller, I fell in love with it. And after, spending some time sitting in it, I was blown away by the comfort that good design and thoughtful engineering provides.

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The chair was originally inspired by the engineering of the Golden Gate suspension bridge, and that inspiration led Behar to design the Sayl chair for maximum support and flexibility while using a minimal amount of materials. Rather than using a material that a wrap around frame would require, Behar used a center vertical support with a patterned mesh, which created a 3-D intelligent back that has different degrees of tension for each part of your back. This meant that Behar used less material, which cost less, and still remained extremely comfortable.In addition the Sayl chair is 93% recyclable and is certified Cradle to Cradle Silver. This elegant solution is a wonderful example of the beauty that can come from designing for less.

And on top of it all, it is a fun experience designing your own Sayl chair. You can choose from different colors for the frame, and different types of fabrics and chair types. I designed my chair 5 different times (with various bold colors), before finally settling on classic gray and black.

For more information, Herman Miller has a wonderful website that talks about the design process with a great series of images, and videos here.