The Droste Effect – Honda CRV

To introduce the new Honda CRV director Chris Palmer and Glassworks Creative Director Jordi Bares worked to create the first endless commercial playing off of an optical illusion called the “Droste Effect” which creates an endless visual loop. Taking more than 126 previs attempts using 3D modeling, Glassworks opted to  build an actual set and shoot the spot live, blending the final results with CGI components. In addition to the TV spot, there is a YouTube channel that locates your position on the planet and serves up a rendering of the commercial that mirrors the time of day, weather conditions, and knows your location. In addition, you can navigate to other cities around the world to see what the conditions are like there. This is really, really nice work tying together digital and broadcast components into a hypnotic and engaging promotion. Both the making of, and the finished video are below.

Honda Bends Your Mind With Some Visual Trickery.

Honda has been pushing some really great advertising lately, and the ad below for the new CRV is no exception. Using a combination of anamorphic illustrations and forced perspective techniques this 30 second spot is a non stop mind bending illusion. When you see it, you’d be tempted to think that this was paired with CGI and post techniques, but it’s not. The second video shows how it was done and is equally as fascinating.