The MIll, “D&AD 2014 Title Sequence”.

Over the last two decades, the quality of desktop created 3D animation and CGI work has grown by leaps and bounds. The animation below was created by the Mill for D&AD’s opening title sequence. It was built in Cinema 4D, utilizing physics simulation and manual animation methods to achieve the working components of  the rube Goldberg Machines. Not only was it created using desktop software, it was done with a small crew of animators and editors, which is another tribute to just how far computer generated design has come in the last couple of decades. This is really nice work with solid editing, sound s=design and animated sequences tying it all together. For full details on the process of how this was made, click the link above.

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Producer: Oana Anghel
Design Director: Nils Kloth, Douglas Bowden
Senior Art Director: Douglas Bowden
3D Lead: Oliver Harris
3D Artist: Matt Whitewood
2D Artist: Nils Kloth
Audio Track: Angell Sound


One Year, and Several Printers Later a Sequel is Born.

A little over a year ago, design students Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth created a wonderful stop motion video for HP printers. A year later they have created a sequel to the original film. Last year’s film helped the two of them to land the Best New Blood award at D&AD. This year’s version, which was commissioned by HP, sees three HP Photosmart printers used to tell a complex animated narrative. Links to both videos are below, just click on the image.

This years sequel. Click to Play

The Original film from 2009. Click to Play.