Bang Bang. Motion Design meets Dance.

This is a fun way to start your week. A nice little student piece from Savannah College of Art and Design student Chelsea Jones. It combines dance, animation, post production, and most of all flawless timing to execute. There are two videos below. The first is the finished piece, the second is the making of. Chelsea doesn’t say how long she practiced until she got the timing perfect, but I have a feeling it was quite a while. The final result was worth all the effort.

A Colorful Way to Start Your April. OK Go, “Skyscrapers”.

It’s the first Monday in April, and it is a beautiful spring morning here in the Midwest. Over the weekend I saw this wonderful music video by OK Go for the song “Skyscrapers”off of their latest album release.

Unlike many of OK Go’s videos this is not a quirky video featuring the band. Instead it is a sublime piece of direction and choreography by Trish Sie whoalso stars in the video along with dancer Moti Buchboot.

What I really like about this video is how the montage of shots moves seamlessly from one color to the next across an urban landscape that could be anywhere. This is a linear tango coordinated, shot, edited across endless color blocks of disconnected walls. Count the number of shots that had to be done to create the final piece. (Now think about the number of takes for each shot)

Director: Trish Sie
Producers: Trish Sie & Paula Salhany
Cinematography and editing: Paula Salhany
3D DP: Eric Kurland
Dancers: Moti Buchboot & Trish Sie
Special Thanks: Jennifer Kay Tyre, So Yun Um, Joanna Mayorga, Andy Green, Diane Castrup, Anthony Hartman, Jenny Oppenheimer, Roe Sie, Damian Kulash and Marjorie Kulash