Darren Fung

Making a Film Score.

The fifteen minute documentary short below is a look into the magic that has to happen when recording a film score live. Anthropologist and Film Maker  Niobe Thompson teamed up with Composer Darren Fung to create the score for CBC’s upcoming series “The Great Human Odyssey”.  Thompson says at the beginning of the film that this series called for a large voluminous sound that could only be achieved by a live-recorded orchestra. This is a testament to the amount of work that goes into such an undertaking. The Edmonton Symphony recorded 90 plus segments in just two days for the series at Edmonton’s Winspear Centre. 70 classical musicians and a large team of sound recording engineers recorded the remarkable score, which capped with a sold-out public performance. I love how this short documentary captures the artistic and technical mastery required to bring this together.

For more information on the series visit the interactive website  cbc.ca/greathumanodyssey/